What went right and Wrong when making my Horror Game

           While making my new horror game I made a lot of mistakes and moments where everything was going good. I deleted almost half the game on accident, dont ask me how. I spent a week trying to figure out the smallest mechanics to the game, and almost just decided to delete it all and quit. Instead I kept trying and it started to come together slowly, what made it harder was that I was the only one working on the game and none of my friends were interested in it. My computer isn't even that great either, I remember my pc constantly crashing or freezing trying to implement features. Thankfully I didn't get rid of it or give up because I finally can say that I finished a game and Im proud of it. Regardless of if people like it or not you should always keep working on getting better and finishing projects. At the end you'll have learned so much more from finishing that project than leaving it to move on to your next ambitious idea.


Jun 20, 2019

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